Board of Directors

06 January 2013
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People Against Distracted Driving;


Executive Director: Michael Chinn

President: Mike Kellenyi (Founder)

Vice President: Tom Spracio

Chief Financial Officer: John Radetich

Secretary: Larry LaVerde

Director of Transportation: Michael Davey

Director of Sports Relations: Wayne Finley

Director of Marketing: Tom Venturini


David Colbert

Terry Nelson

Marcus Frank

Vince Roth

Natalie Decker



We started Nikki's Foundation back in July of 2012. Gina and I were standing over Nikki's grave three months after Nikki passed, wondering how all of this could have happen. Three months prior to this, everything in our lives was perfect. After the accident happened, we realized that we were living every parent's nightmare, but there was nothing we could do; nothing to stop our pain.

Then Gina said, "We can't let this happen to anyone else. No one should live with this pain. Let's see if we can try to end distracted driving so other families won't have to suffer like this. Let's name it People Against Distracted Driving."

From that day forward, Gina and I worked to build a foundation that everyone could take part in. I firmly believe that the one time you deliberately choose not to answer that text, call, look for your cigarette lighter, change the radio station or engage in any distraction, you've joined PADD®. You might not have realized that you've saved a life, whether it is your own, your passenger's or another driver's. But it's true -- if you don't choose to sacrifice some precious seconds to a distraction, you won't become a statistic.

Our team of dedicated leaders in Nikki's Foundation consist primarily of Nikki's, and our family friends. Every one of them now knows what it's like to be affected by a tragedy caused by distracted driving. The parents felt it in their hearts; it showed in their tears; and most importantly, in the pain their own children go through each day. Nikki's friends also feel it too, in every step they take throughout their journey through life. Each milestone is a reminder that Nikki should be here.

This common pain we share is now a strength in driving us forward to help Nikki help others. Meet our team: they are wonderful people.

-- Mike Kellenyi