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05 January 2014
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Padd Privacy Policy
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PADD Privacy Policy

Out of respect for your privacy, People Against Distracted Driving® provides this information explaining our online information practices. This policy does not apply to individual PADD® chapter or state organization Web sites.

PADD® will not sell your email address to other businesses or organizations for their general use. On occasions, you may receive an email relating to PADD's® mission from parties acting on PADD's behalf and at PADD's® request. These organizations help PADD® achieve its mission by providing technology services.

By visiting the People Against Distracted Driving® (PADD) National Web site at, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice.


Information We Collect & How We Use It

PADD® collects two main types of information through the Web sites noted above:  

If you register your e-mail and contact information with PADD® National through our web site or via regular mail, and opt in to receive email correspondence from PADD®, you will be placed on our quarterly newsletter list. All subscribers to that list can remove themselves at any time by visiting the following address:

You may also be asked if you want to receive our e-mail newsletter when you sign up for our discussion forums, become a member, make a donation, sign a petition, or use any other of our online services. If you sign up to receive our newsletter and later want to be removed you can take your name off the list at any time by visiting the following address:

We may occasionally request that you supply us with feedback concerning our web site. These surveys are used for quality assurance purposes, and to improve our level of service to you.   

PADD® may also contact you with special PADD® mission-related direct marketing e-mails around holidays. This correspondence is separate from our e-newsletter corresondence. You may opt out of receiving these emails at any time by visiting the following address:

As stated previously, PADD® will not sell your email address to other businesses or organizations for their general use. On occasions, you may receive an email relating to PADD's® mission from parties acting on PADD's® behalf and at PADD's® request. These organizations help PADD® achieve its mission by providing technology services.

  • Personal, or "individually identifiable," information you provide to us, typically by completing online forms - examples would include an email address, physical street address, phone number, etc. With your permission, we may use this information to contact you about PADD Mission Related events or content.
  • Standard web server/visitor traffic information, commonly referred to as "aggregate information," regarding overall Web site traffic patterns. Normally, web servers collect this type of basic information automatically as part of their web log processes. We do not report on individual user sessions.


Individually Identifiable Information

There are instances when PADD requests individually identifiable information from its online users. The following are examples of situations where we might request such information from you: contacting us to request information, seeking victim support, inquiring about volunteer opportunities, requesting addition to our electronic newsletter, registering with our web site, making a donation or becoming a member, ordering "GDL" software or other PADD materials, participating in our discussion forums, looking up your chapter, using our "Guide to Congress" area to send e-mails to representatives and senators, requesting to book a school assembly show.

Information we may request includes the following:

  • First and last name, street address, city, state, zip code, telephone number, email address, and subject of inquiry (i.e. volunteering or information requests), gender, and age.
  • In the case of donations or memberships:

    1. We process standard credit card information (card number, card type, expiration date) via a secure, encrypted SSL session. SSL is the proven standard for secure Web messaging transactions.
    2. In the case of memorial or honorary contributions, a personalized gift card is sent to a designated recipient, usually the family member of the deceased or the surviving victim. Therefore, we will request the name, address, city, state, zip code and telephone number for your designated gift card recipient. This information is only used for the purpose of sending the gift card and is not used for any other purpose.


What we do with Individually Identifiable Information when you...

  1. Register with 
  2. Make a donation, become a member or volunteer

    When you make a donation, you may be asked if you would like to receive further contact from us via our web site. If you indicate yes, you will be placed on our e-mail distribution list. If you later want to be removed from that list, you can remove yourself by following the directions in the correspondence you receive.

    We maintain records of all donations made to PADD®. Personal information is private and confidential. Additionally, all information is stored in a secure location accessible only by authorized staff. PADD® may contact you with further communications via the web, US Postal Mail, or telephone. If you wish to restrict the use of your contact information, you can choose to opt out from:

    • Financial contribution activities
      and / or
    • Any contact with PADD

    Please let us know by one of the following methods: 

    1. Contacting the PADD® National Office at 1-234-738-3823.
    2. E-mailing PADD® from our web at the following address: (If you only want to be removed from our e-mail newsletter, you will find an automated 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of each message.)           
    3. Contacting the PADD® National Office via postal mail at:
      PO Box 1114
      Blackwood, NJ 08012


Aggregate information collected from the Web server

We collect anonymous information from our web server about your visit to our sites in order to monitor general traffic patterns on our site. This information is collected and stored in log files on the server. We compile and analyze this information using WebTrends software. Reports generated by WebTrends include information such as the following: 

  • total number of visitors           
  • most visited pages           
  • peak traffic times           
  • service provider IP addresses           
  • browser versions           
  • referring web sites           
  • search terms used           
  • average number of pages requested           
  • average duration of visit           
  • total visitor traffic

We use aggregate information gathered from your visit to better design our Web site. This information supplies us with a broad picture of how people use our Web site and helps us to better manage our systems and serve our audience.


A Note about Cookies

We use cookies to manage user sessions for our online discussion groups. If you opt to have our web site remember your login to our Support or Activism areas, then we will also use cookies to identify you. 


Data Security

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we strive to maintain physical, electronic, and administrative safeguards to secure the information we collect online. This includes the use of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for processing donations and othr financial transactions securely. 

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Links to Other Sites

PADD® is not responsible for the contents of any linked Web site that may be contained in our online database of related Web sites, or any link contained in a linked Web site, or any changes or updates to such Web sites. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by PADD® of that Web site and is provided only for information purposes. 

This privacy statement applies to the PADD® National Web site at

PADD reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Our privacy policy will be kept up-to-date and clearly posted on our Web site.

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 Master Terms and Conditions

The Master Terms and Conditions below govern all Third Party Charitable Sales Promotion and Licensing Agreements and/PADD® Sponsorship and Team-t-shirt Licensing Agreements between People AgainstDistracted Driving ("PADD") and the Company or sponsor to which such agreements relate. There are two categories of the MTC documents, PADD® sponsorships  and one for Charitable Sales Promotions. Select your category below.

Within each category, please select your version.

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MTC - Charitable Sales Promotions

The following Master Terms and Conditions govern all Third Party Charitable Sales Promotion and Licensing Agreements between People Against Distracted Driving ("PADD") and the Company to which such agreements relate. Capitalized terms used in these Master Terms and Conditions shall have the meaning defined in the associated Third Party Charitable Sales Promotion and Licensing Agreement setting forth the details of the specific third party charitable sales promotion and licensing agreement between the PADD® and the Company. Hereinafter, these Master Terms and Conditions and the associated Third Party Charitable Sales Promotion and Licensing Agreement shall be referred to collectively as the Agreement (this link will open a new window).


State Licence

Although our financial report is always sent free to anyone requesting a copy, certain States require us to advise you that a copy of our financial report is available from them. 
People Against Distracted Driving (“PADD”) is a New Jersey not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to stop distracted driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent innatentive driving. The PADD national office is located at 28 Jacqueline Place, Sewell, NJ, 08080. The information enclosed describes one or more of PADD’s activities. Your gift is very much appreciated and tax deductible as a charitable contribution to the fullest extent allowed by law. A copy of PADD’s latest financial report may be obtained by writing to PADD, 28 Jacqueline Place, Sewell, NJ, 08080 or by calling 1-234-738-3823. If you are a resident of the following states, you may obtain information directly by contacting:


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A piece of anonymous information sent by a Web site to your browser; the browser is expected to save the cookie and send information back to the server whenever the browser makes additional requests.

Cookies might contain information such as login or registration information, online "shopping cart" information, user preferences, etc. Cookies are usually set to expire after a predetermined amount of time. Cookies do not read any personal information on your hard drive. They are anonymous text files which simply tell a Web site when a certain computer is surfing their site.

Cookies you receive from PADD's® Web site will help identify your login when you visit our discussion forums. They may also make it easier for you to fill out forms by filling in information you've already provided us.

PADD® uses “cookie” technology only to obtain non-personal information from its online visitors in order to improve visitors’ online experience, facilitate their visit within our site, and, with assistance from third party vendors, serve ads on the Internet based on a user’s prior visits to our site. You may opt out of PADD’s® use of cookies by using third party no tracking software.

 Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

A protocol designed by Netscape Communications to enable encrypted, authenticated communications across the Internet. SSL is used mostly (but not exclusively) in communications between web browsers and web servers. URL's that begin with "https" indicate that an SSL connection will be used. SSL provides 3 important things: Privacy, Authentication, and Message Integrity.

PADD Whistleblowing Policy

PADD Whistleblowing policy (PDF)


Employee Whistleblower Policy

 Whistleblower Policy (PDF)


 IRS Determination Letter

 IRS Determination Letter (PDF)