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Get Your School, Town or County Involved

01 February 2014
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Wondering how to get PADD® signs or have PADD® visit your area?

Don't sit back and wait until you or your friend becomes a victim of distracted driving. Whether your a student, teacher, store owner, councilmen, police chief or mayor, you can get your area involved. PADD® will be glad to come to your area and talk to your class, community or town council about distracted driving, it's dangers, potential laws, tools for parents and students, etc. We are committed to helping your area end the newest number one killer of young adults.  

 We are the leader in donating Department of Transportation approved "Stay Alive Don't Text And Drive" signs in the nation. With our signs in states from New Jersey to North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska, Georgia and more along with grade schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges across the country it doesn't take much effort to have our signs in your area. 

 Depending on the application there may be some permits involved or a municipal vote to have signs installed in your area. Most times it's a simple phone call and you can show your support in your area. Awareness is one of the main factors needed to eliminate distracted driving, help PADD® help you! 

 Just fill out this simple form to get started. It only takes a minute to fill out and it could save a life. After all, isn't a life worth a minute?

Fill out this FORM