World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims

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Thumb Tied - A Great Mobile App Helping the Cause

09 July 2013
09 July 2013
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Too many people are getting injured and killed due to texting and being distracted while driving. We’ve all seen others do it, and well, we’ve done it too. That’s what led us to create an application to help prevent that from happening.

Introducing: Thumb Tied

Thumb Tied is an Anti-Distracted Driving Application that stops you and your loved ones from being distracted while driving. Thumb Tied senses when you are driving, and inhibits use of text messages, instant messages, emails and other notifications that may distract you from driving your vehicle. 

The application is free to use on your phone, and comes with the option to control another device. Moms and dads: You can ensure that your teen driver isn’t using their phones to text while they drive. Coaches: Now you can make sure your whole team is safe when they drive to the tournament. 

You can control your safety when driving, and pair with another phone to control when Thumb Tied is enabled. We’re giving you the ability to protect your family or organization!

Why Thumb Tied? Here is a list of features:

  • •Easy to use and understand interface
  • •Automatically senses when you are traveling above pedestrian speeds so you can use the app when walking to or from the car
  • •Inhibits your ability to read notifications and messages while driving
  • •Allows hands free operation
  • •Pair with another user’s device with the Thumb Tied application and control when the app is enabled (subscription needed)
  • •Notification if Thumb Tied is disabled on the other user’s device
  • •Allows for scheduling times for application to run
  • •Allows for 3 emergency contacts to override application
  • •911 access


This application is simple to use, and can help you save lives. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that those who depend on you can depend on you to stop them from driving while distracted. We imagined a world in which there are fewer accidents due to texting, emailing and surfing while behind the wheel. We hope you enjoy the use of this application. 

Thumb Tied

Play Store 

Our App

Thumb Tied™ launched in June of 2013. This application is launched on the Android platform, with production to start on the iPhone version soon after. What follows is a step-by-step walk through of how our application works:

  1. To start the application, users download it and install the app. Then once open, it is enabled to begin aiding in making the driving experience safer. 
  2. There is a splash screen where the application delivers a reinforcing message about safety and reinforces use of the application. The application has room for the primary sponsor on its loading screen.
  3. Once on the home screen, users can see that there is a pairing function and an off button. 
  4. The pairing function allows the application to be paired with another phone and control the use of the application there. 

    (This is great for parents, bosses, and other groups where you might want someone in charge of setting the Distracted Driving Policy.)

  5. The application uses the accelerometer to determine speed, and when it detects a speed faster than 10 mph it will darken the screen with an overlay, essentially locking the phone from exercising the texting features. 

    (Application Overlay when Activated)

  6. We have accommodated a safe list of contacts which are allowed through the overlay, and do not interfere with the phone’s ability to use emergency services.