World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims

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For Immediate Release, Drive Safer and PADD® to hold "Defensive Driving Bootcamp" for Teens at Met Life Stadium

12 August 2014
12 August 2014
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Defensive Driving “Boot Camp” For Teens Coming To 

MetLife Stadium Aug. 24th



Drive Safer Hopes to Battle the Deadliest Month of the Year for 

Drivers through Behind-the-Wheel Car Control Courses 


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J., Aug. 7, 2014, – Did you know the period from Memorial Day to 

Labor Day has been dubbed the “100 deadliest days” due to motor vehicle crashes…or that 

August is the deadliest month? 

According to the National Safety Council, from Memorial Day to Labor Day in 2012, nearly 

1,000 people were killed in the United States in automobile crashes, and more than 550 of those 

killed were teens. 

So what’s a concerned parent to do to keep their teen safe when they get behind the wheel? 

Drive Safer, a New Jersey company devoted to improving safety among young drivers, has set 

out to conquer teen deaths due to driving, and specifically, driver inexperience. Hosting car 

control and defensive driving “boot camps” throughout the region, Drive Safer puts teens behind 

the wheel with certified high performance driving experts as instructors. With help from local 

communities throughout New Jersey, and by leveraging the power of social media and word of 

mouth, Drive Safer hopes to train as many teens as possible. 


On August 24th, Drive Safer will host their Boot Camp at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, 

N.J. As a state-approved defensive driving course, participants will earn discounts off their car 

insurance for three years (percentages vary with the insurer) and can expunge two points from 

their record. “Understanding the rules of the road is critical, but so is safely and properly controlling your 

vehicle. These skills can only be learned through experience,” says Mike Kellenyi, a Drive Safer 

instructor and founder of People Against Distracted Driving (PADD). “Our goal is to give 

young drivers the experience they need to avoid becoming another tragic statistic.” 

Kellenyi has a vested interest. In 2012, his 18-year-old daughter Nikki was killed when the 

Dodge Neon in which she was a backseat passenger was struck by another vehicle that had run 

two stop signs. 

Drive Safer’s six-hour course is comprised of classroom instruction and hands-on driving 

experience. The behind-the-wheel instruction covers essential car control skills, panic braking, 

hazard avoidance, safe following distances, and skid control/recovery, among other skills. The 

classroom portion includes everything from statistics and the danger of distracted driving, to 

vehicle control and using peripheral vision. 

“The answer to saving the lives of young drivers from car vehicle crashes is to help them gain 

experience. We put them in simulated dangerous conditions and help them learn and practice 

what to do when things don’t go as planned,” says Jason Friedman, Drive Safer’s CEO. 

“Unfortunately, teens usually get this type of experience through on-the-job training, when 

they’re on their own and find themselves in a bad spot. Once they finish panicking, if there’s 

time left to react, they have to guess at what to do. That’s insane!” 

The Drive Safer course begins at 9 a.m. on August 24. The course is open to any licensed or 

permit driver, and a parent or guardian must attend if the student is under 18. Parents are 

welcome to participate in the classroom instruction and are encouraged to attend the course as 

well. The fee is $279. To learn more and register, visit or call (201) 



About Drive Safer 

Drive Safer provides the premier car control and defensive driving courses in the US, preparing 

students to control their vehicles in the face of real-world distractions and dangers that take 

thousands of lives annually. Drive Safer’s certified high performance driving instructors provide hands-on training ensuring that students know how to handle and avoid hazardous behind the 

wheel situations. Drive Safer also partners with high schools to provide in-classroom workshops 

and presentations and has a fundraising program donating a percentage of registration fees back 

to partner schools. 

For more information on Drive Safer, including courses, dates, locations and fundraising 

programs, please visit 

About PADD: 

 PADD® was founded in 2012 after Mike Kellenyi lost his 18 year old daughter two months 

before her high school senior prom. The Kellenyi's wanted to raise awareness, educate and 

strenghten both educational laws and criminal laws for distracted driving. One year after her 

death NJ's Governor Christie signed "Nikki's Law," which enacts the NJ department of 

Transportion to us variable message signs and signs to educate NJ motorists of the dangers of 

distracted driving. PADD® is working with the Governors from other states to make this a 

national law. PADD® is now the only nationally registered 501(c)3 distracted driving (DD) 

charity in the nation and has chapters in NJ, North Carolina and Texas with plans to cover all 50 

states in the future. PADD® has 24 hr support for victims and their families, is implementing a 

teen PADD student ambassodor program in high schools across the nation, offers scholarships to 

schools and various teen programs such as 4H, travels locally and across the country educating 

high school and college students along with donating DOT aprrove "Don't Drive Distracted" and 

"Stay Alive, Don't Text and Drive" signs, additionally, PADD® message is carried across the 

country on the back of dozens of tractor trailers and in the ARCA racing series on the Venturini 

Motorsports 4 race teams along with thier fleet of tractor trailers and donating signs to each track 

ARCA visit's, The Venturini's, ARCA and PADD® work together at schools across the country 

bringing ARCA safety personell and Justin Boston (Venturini's driver and 2013 rookie of the 

year)to help spread PADD's message, partnered with New Jersey Motorsports Park to capture the 

attention of race fans across the world and has brought the 40,000 members of Iracing (virtual 

motorsports) into a new market of advertising, raising awareness in internet gaming and 

simulation. PADD® is teamed with The Brain Injury Alliance of NJ working with the Champion of Schools project and now works with Hockey and wrestling spreading DD awareness. Learn 

more at