World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims

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OXYPOW Car Air Fresheners Teams With PADD to Raise Awareness To Distracted Driving

30 March 2015
30 March 2015
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In a national campaign to remind drivers to drive responsibly OXYPOW has partnered with People Against Distracted Driving by placing "Don't Drive Distracted" on all of their car air fresheners. Now, your car can smell good, clean and fresh! The  smell will be a daily reminder to keep the phone off, keep the passengers quiet and happy, and keep all the distractions tucked away so you can focus on arriving alive to your destination! 


Oxypow is also very proud that we will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every Odorbomb Air Freshener to a really great organization called PADD (  Oxypow wants to help promote PADD and their mission to raise awareness and educate all drivers, especially teens, in the dangers of texting and driving (driving distracted).  Oxypow is also very proud to help promote the partnership between PADD and a company called Bee Hive that has developed a great iPhone and Android based application called "DriveBeehive" (see more at  We feel that through partnership and by working together to spread the message we can help save lives!  Our Air Fresheners come in full color printing on both sides and say, "Please Don't Drive Distracted" on the bottom and have the PADD and DriveBeehive logos on them as well.  We hope that the combination of our great long lasting fragrance and the subtle message to not text and drive makes everyone buy one of these for themselves and everyone they know ---- because it truly is a win-win for everyone!

Our Odorbomb Air Fresheners come in five (5) fragrance scents that are super strong on odors but real easy on the senses...  Order a three pack today, or heck order twenty of them today and see what everyone is talking about!!!


20% of every OXYPOW "Don't Drive Distracted" car air fresheners will go directly to PADD to continue to educate, raise awareness, support vicims and research ways to keep the roads safe! We have no paid employees so every dollar donated goes to saving another teen from death by distraction. Distracted driving is the #1 killer of teens, help us help you!