World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims

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The #justsaypadd National Campaign With Uber Designed To Save Lives

10 September 2016
10 September 2016
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 People Against Distracted Driving (PADD) teams with Uber for the second year in a row for the #justsaypadd national campaign.

The "JUST SAY PADD" National Campaign to save lives kicks off this month in time for September's start of school across the nation. and will continue until December. PADD is continuing to work with UBER to make this lifesaving campaign year round. Designed for both high school and college students to use as a life saving choice when needed. We urge all parents, teachers, educators and any organizations that promote safety to promote and talk to our youth about "JUST SAY PADD."


 Simple to use and life saving, we need to spread this message to all of America. A tool for parents that will let them rest at night while their children are out for the evening or just away at college. Explain to them that their life is in their hands and responsible choices can make the difference of life or death. The choice is there if for any reason they don't feel comfortable with their designated driver or their friend behind the wheel. Whether they are drunk, driving distracted or erratically, all they need to do is call UBER and say PADD2016. (download the app and enter PADD2016 in the promo code) No questions asked and you will arrive alive at your destination. 

 The "Just Say PADD" campaign is like your spare tire, use only when you think it is a good decision to stay out of your friends car. Growing up is a challenge with many decisions and a lot of peer pressure influencing those decisions. The "Just Say PADD" campaign takes away the peer pressure, takes away the parents worry and it's "cool" to get a ride home in a big black UBER car. 

 Please spread the message to everyone in the country, this is one tool everyone needs! No one is immune to the deadly consequences of people driving distracted and their is no pill or needle to cure this deadly epidemic. Hopefully our "JUST SAY PADD" campaign will save your life and many others!

To sign up for UBER visit HERE