World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims

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Pioneer Career and Technology Center in Shelby Ohio Works With PADD to Prevent Distracted Driving Crashes

28 January 2017
29 January 2017
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Seniors at Pioneer Career and Technology Center in Shelby Ohio are preparing a community event to raise awareness to the dangers of driving under the influence of cell phones. Lead by Olivia Viers, Hannah Evans and Lindsey Christini, the distracted driving awareness project began two months ago when a group of seniors realized that many of their peers were driving distracted. Searching the internet for help, they came across People Against Distracted Driving, America's Voice Of Distracted Driving Victims and Advocates (PADD). Seeing that PADD, a nationally registered 501(c)3 has been the top charity to work with high schools and colleges across the country and the only non-profit in America offering 24-7 victim support free of charge to families of distracted driving victims, they knew it was a perfect match. They realized that Nikki Kellenyi (the founder of PADD's daughter) was a senior like they are and was killed by her friend Alex, who texted her way through an intersection,

killing Nikki and severely injuring her other friend Taylor, each of the girls realized it could be them in Nikki's seat or even worse, in Alex's seat, the driver who stole the dreams of Nikki Kellenyi by killing here while driving under the influence of her cell phone.

 Olivia wrote in her own words to PADD;

 Hi, I am Olivia and my two classmates Hannah and Lindsey are trying to spread awareness of distracted driving in our community and this is how we are trying to do so ....We are seniors at Pioneer Career and Technology Center in Shelby Ohio and we are putting on a mock crash that will be presented to our school and a few local community members. The theme is distracted driving. So we are putting together a mock crash that our entire school (over 1000 people) will be watching on March 24th. We will also be going out into the community to educate the students in the middle schools. We are trying to reach the population before they get behind the wheel so that hopefully the make the decision to be distracted free when they do get behind the wheel. We found your foundation when we were researching online because we wanted to find an organization to team up with to help us spread the awareness in our community, and that is when we found PADD. We loved what you were doing and  wanted to have you guys incorporated into our project. Because we want the mock crash to leave an impact and open people's eyes to how dangerous distracted driving truly is. At the end of the mock crash we will give the student the opportunity to sign your pledge and will be sending all signed pledges back to you to show you that Pioneer students are pledging to not drive distracted. Also we plan on  showing Nikki's story to our school a few weeks before the mock crash because it was what started your foundation. Attached are pictures of the shirts that we created for the mock crash, and will be sending you two shirts as well as a thank you for everything you have done to help us. We will also be sending you a picture of all three of us as soon as we take it. We are so happy we are able to incorporate your foundation throughout our entire project and our hope is that we touch not only our  school but our entire community on the dangers and the forever lasting consequences that come with driving distracted.