World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims

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Contributing To PADD'S Mission, Lives Saved, Injuries Prevented, Victims And Their Families Helped

31 January 2017
31 January 2017
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Thanks to you and the support of people like you, PADD has been successful in our first four years helping to save lives and create a positive change in the lives of people across the nation. Because of you, our mission to create laws, raise awareness, educate the public and serve the victims and their families affected by all forms of distracted driving has been a success. We have;

 Served our one thousanth victim and survivor of distracted driving, an average of one survivor a day, all at no charge thanks to your help! Our

goal of zero tolerance towards distracted driving will hopefully one day eliminate the need for our 24-7 victim services, until then it will continue to be one of our top priorities.

 Reduced the number of injuries and deaths cause by distracted driving through our various local and national campaigns. Thousands of crashes have been diverted through these campaigns, the lives saved cannot be counted as when someone changes their mindset because of our efforts, there is no crash! 

 PADD® has successfully created Nikki's Law in NJ and are continuing to make this law a national law. The law directs the Department of Transportation to use signs, variable message boards and the media to educate drivers about DUI of cell phones and other distractions. 

 Our national DOT sign campaign " Stay Alive, Don't Text And Drive" is now in over twenty States and this year we plan on pushing harder for more signs at schools, universities, municipalities and highways. These signs are an important part of reducing crashes caused by distracted driving as they remind drivers of all ages to drive responsibly. 

 Our national tractor trailer billboard campaign reaches tens of millions of drivers annually. These trucks catch drivers in the act, causing them to put the phone down immediately as they see what distracted driving can and will do, kill innocent people.

 Our work with Motorsports reaches millions of viewers each year. Nascar, Nascar Trucks, and ARCA fans are the most faithful and loyal fans of any sport. Working with the best drivers, teams and sponsors, our message is heard throughout the nation in the tracks and town's that surrounds the tracks each week. 

 Our focus on distracted driving prevention, victim services, education and awareness is steadfast and is proven as in our financial stewardship. Our expenses to our staff each year is zero! It's common in most charities to spend more then 50% of donations to pay their staff. At PADD ®, no one is paid in our charity. All of our staff are volunteers. Our expenses for office and advertising are less then 10% of all donations.  

As a result over $.90 of every dollar at PADD® goes towards community awareness programs, education programs, serving victims of the crime and programs to stop distracted driving.

 So there is no doubt when PADD® says your donation makes a difference, we mean it! Your support will help us keep the conversation going between teens and parents, between teachers and students as well as the Dot and drivers across the nation. Your support enables all that to happen.

 Your support also saves lives. Since PADD's "Stay Alive, Don't Text And Drive" campaign began in 2013, we have reduced distracted driving fatalities by more then 3,000 per year. That's 3,000 mom's and dads, sons and daughters that won't get that devastating phone call or knock on the door that tells them their loved one won't ever be coming home again.

 Your support to PADD® has saved over ten thousand lives and served over a thousand victims. Your donation goes towards helping the community stay whole, families stay together. You help us create change, impact the community and make America safe again. We appreciate your support and commitment to ending the deadly crime of driving distracted.