World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims

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NJ Transit To Bring Distracted Driving Awareness To It's Employees By Teaming Up With PADD.

09 February 2018
09 February 2018
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NJ TRANSIT is New Jersey's public transportation corporation that provides safe, reliable, convenient and cost-effective transit service with a skilled team of employees, dedicated to the customers' needs and is committed to excellence. Covering a service area of 5,325 square miles, NJ TRANSIT is the nation's third largest provider of bus, rail and light rail transit, linking major points in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia. The agency operates a fleet of 2,027 buses, 711 trains and 45 light rail vehicles. On 236 bus routes and 11 rail lines statewide, NJ TRANSIT provides nearly 223 million passenger trips each year. 

 To keep NJ Transits 223 million passengers safe NJ Transit will team up with PADD on February 28th in their first distracted driving awareness presentation to it's employees by PADD. PADD's award winning presentation will be

the first for NJ Transit employees. The presentation will be given at NJ Transits headquarters in Newark NJ.

 PADD is honored to work with such a large organization, possibly hundreds of lives may be saved by our non-profit in just one presenation with more in the works. Motor vehicle crashes (MVC) are the leading cause of death among U.S. teenagers, and distracted driving as a whole is on the rise. The risk of MVCs are higher among 16 to 19 year-olds than among any other age group yet adults commit the crime much more then teens. The younger, less-experienced drivers under 20 have the highest proportion of distraction-related fatal crashes. Distractions in driving include use of cell phone for talking and texting, food, beverages, and music.

Here are a few facts:

In 2011, at least 23 percent of auto collisions involved cell phones. That equals 1.3 million crashes.

13 percent of drivers age 18-20 involved in car wrecks admitted to texting or talking on their mobile devices at the time of the crash.

77 percent of young adult drivers are very or somewhat confident that they can safely text while driving.

55 percent of young adult drivers claim it's easy to text while they drive.

A PewResearch Center study showed the cell phone as a major source of distraction while driving. More than 34 percent of teens 16-17 years old in the Pew survey indicated that they texted while driving.

In 2009, more than 5,400 people died in crashes that involved a distracted driver.

Considering the deadly consequences of DUI under the influence of cell phones this just may be the time for your company to contact PADD!