PADD® Motorsports Group, How We Started

03 February 2014

How PADD Racing [PADD Motorsports Group] Started

 Mike Kellenyi, PADD® was racing via Motorsports Simulation [what exactly is iRacing?]  Shortly after Nikki’s tragic accident happened, league owner Lance Williams(Fine Line Racing) held The Nikki Kellenyi 250. At that moment while 50,000 Iracing members had an opportunity to see this memorial, Mike and his family knew that racing, both virtual and real, were to be a primary focus of their new charity. He knew racing fans support their sponsors and thought racing was such a family oriented sport that the fans would care!

After that memorial Mike would spend hours racing with different leagues telling his story and goals to help other families and victims of distracted driving. One league stood out from the others, a group called The Old Farts. A group of men with many years of real life knowledge and experience, yet none of them could imagine what Mike and his family was going through. Night after night, with tears in his eyes, Mike would race with these Old Farts and their support grew more and more everyday. Their friendship and support was the driving force to create a group on Iracing called PADD Motorsports Group. A pl;ace where real world racers and fans along with virtual drivers and fans could help Mike spread awareness in the great big family of racing!

Moving forward with a strategic plan to expand the PADD® mission to include both virtual and non-virtual Motorsports industries, as an operational branch of PADD®, the PADD® Motorsports Group [PMG] was established. A PADD®/PMG Monthly Special Event Race [sponsored by PADD/PMG within the iRacing community was established and has evolved into a well known, very respected and highly anticipated racing event with iRacers eagerly ready to monthly qualify for 42 racer positions. This monthly special event race gained overwhelmingly major positive traction after just the first race event.  

Mike established a formal PMG iRacing league/group (iRacing member optional extended service add-on) serving as one of the communication resources to inform racers of PADD®/PMG virtual and non-virtual Motorsports happenings. Next, Mike, developed and established professional standards and operational guidelines for PADD®/PMG sanctioning of other leagues, groups or individuals to become a PADD® Motorsports Group Partner, collectively as the PADD®/PMG united iRacing community team. As of last count (07-13-2014), the PMG iRacing League/Group has 263 members and continues to grow. New PADD®/PMG Partner Leagues will continue to be added in 2014. Additionally in 2014, PMG will finalize the development of two PMG Sanctioned and hosted ‘Select Racers Racing Series’ to include major sponsors, prizes/awards, live internet video broadcast and more.

To further establish beneficial outreach and growth,  the PADD® Motorsports Group Facebook site was established and he handles the daily administrative operations and facilitation of group informational sharing and membership.  Mike also is the administrator of the Nikki’s Foundation, PADD® - People Against Distracted Driving Facebook site regarding daily administrative responsibilities and informational facilitation sharing.

 We invite all persons worldwide who are directly involved with or

who are enthusiast of MOTORSPORTS RACING to join us in the critical mission to


 GREEN FLAG SAFE DRIVING ==== Black Flag Distracted Driving











 New Jersey Motorsports Park Embraces History While Building Its Future

New Jersey Motorsports Park is located on 500 acres immediately adjacent to the Millville Airport, an airport that was dedicated in 1941 as America’s First Defense Airport which played a key role in the country’s World War II military efforts.

The Millville Army Airfield opened as a gunnery school for fighter pilots for the Republic P-47 “Thunderbolt” in 1941. During its four-year existence, about 1,500 pilots received advanced P-47 Thunderbolt fighter training here.

New Jersey Motorsports Park embraced this rich history by naming its marquee 2.25-mile racetrack “Thunderbolt Raceway.” The 1.9-mile road course – Lightning Raceway – is named after the P-38 Lightning, a WWII fighter aircraft.

New Jersey Motorsports Park also carried the historical WWII theme by naming its trackside condominiums “The Villas at Breighton.” Breighton was the name of an allied airfield in Great Britain, where many of the Millville trained P-47 pilots served during WWII.

Other ties to the WWII theme include the English Tudor design of the clubhouse, the Officers Club Q-Hangar design that contains Cumberland County’s largest banquet facility and the Timing Tower that resembles a WWII air traffic control tower. Upon visiting New Jersey Motorsports Park, you will also notice that NJMP safety and security vehicles are based on WWII MP Jeeps.

While building the various structures at New Jersey Motorsports Park, many WWII artifacts were found and collected for display at the Millville Army Air Field Museum, located on the opposite side of the Millville Airport. The Bore Site range, located just outside Thunderbolt Raceway Paddock was used by Thunderbolt pilots during training as a range to calibrate their machine guns.

Today, a P-47 Thunderbolt- No Guts, No Glory aircraft is based out of Millville Airport. It is one of only nine in the world that still flies. Keep an eye on the sky when visiting NJMP – you may just see one pass by overhead.






Venturini Motorsports / Justin Bostin #25 

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 Jake [The 08 = 0bviously Gre8t Racer] and Mike Kellenyi [Padd President and Nikki's father] 



14-Year-Old Jake Griffin; Youngest Winner Ever In A NASCAR Sanctioned Event - click for full story


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