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07 January 2014
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PADD® is a proud member of the Teen Safe Driving Coalition of NJ and together we continue to learn and develop safe driving tools for teenagers and parents. Watch for information for all 50 states coming soon.

  New Jersey Teen Safe Driving Coalition — GDL Tool Kit

If you’re looking for resources to help you and/or your organization, school, business or community group learn more about New Jersey’s Graduated Driver License (GDL) program -- a three-step process designed to help teen drivers gain experience and build skill while minimizing those things that cause them the greatest risk -- you’ve come to the right place. Whether you know a lot or a little about GDL, this tool kit is designed to facilitate greater awareness, education and advocacy of the proven principles of graduated driver licensing.

The resources in this tool kit are grouped by level of awareness:


If you and/or your audience have limited or no real knowledge of GDL, the resources provided in the “Encourage” section focus on the basics. They’re designed to ensure that parents and teens know that New Jersey has a Graduated Driver License law and that it is the best tool for reducing teen crash risk. Use of these materials should encourage your audience to learn more.

The resources found in the “Educate” section are designed to give individuals who know the basics of GDL a deeper understanding of the three-stages of New Jersey’s program and how it helps to address teen crash risk. The resources can be used to facilitate self-directed and/or group learning so that your audience can make informed decisions about teen licensure and driving.

The resources contained in the “Engage” section are designed not only to provide your audience with a comprehensive understanding of New Jersey’s GDL program, but to help them put what they learn into practice on a daily basis. These resources are designed to be used by you to facilitate group learning, discussion and action.

Please note that all of the resources contained in the “Encourage” and “Educate” sections can be used to “engage” your audience. But using the resources in the “Educate” and/or “Engage” sections for audiences that are at the “Encourage” level may be overwhelming for them and you. Before you educate others, make sure you know the basics of GDL and are comfortable sharing what you know. Next, assess your target audience’s knowledge level, select the appropriate resources based on that level, and establish an action plan. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to help others learn about and leverage the proven principles of GDL!

Please click on one of these links to learn more about parents and teens working together to make our roads safe.

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