The Chelsey Murphy Story

03 October 2013
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Chelsey Murphy

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 Chelsey was born on 10/28/90 and from day one I knew she was going to be different. She was a colicky baby at times and cried and cried and I would have to walk her all night or put her in the car seat and drive her around at all hours of the night. She took after me as I was the same. Chelsey always had a very loving way about her. She played softball from the age of 5 to the age of 10. She never could hit the ball but she had fun trying. She spent summers from the time she was 5 months old with my mother down sea isle city jersey. Chelsey and my mom loved the beach and would be there together all summer. She would con my dad into letting her drive the boat. She had her own style, her own fashion and of course her own mind.As she got older she was determined to make something of her life. She went to job corp in Miami and loved it. at times she would want to come home because she was home sick but she was determined to finish and not give up and that she did she finished and came home in January 2009. she was here for the birth of my twins and was able to be in operating room with me. She was here for her brother Tyler when he came home to be with us. Her and Tyler were 15 months apart and became the best of friends. She never gave up on her brother when he got in trouble she was always there for anyone. She would always give you a second chance she never judged. She would always be everyone friends, never judged you by your looks, or color of skin, or religion or your past. Those that knew Chelsey knew that if they were in trouble or lonely or fighting with a spouse or boyfriend or significant other that they called call her anytime of day or night and she was there to listen. The love she had for her friends was unreal. She would love you until you could love yourself. Her heart had room for everyone, and I know many had a piece of her heart.



Chelsey came home from job corp and went to work. She was a big part of her job as an employee and well loved at the place she worked. She was considered on of the Kilwins family member. She worked for kilwins ice cream store and her employers loved her as did the coworkers. Anyway on the night of 3/9/10 Chelsey called to inform me that she would be getting the long awaited keys to her first apartment that she was going to share with the love of her life. So I picked her up from work and took her to get the key and drop off the first load of her belongings and then we came back to my house where I helped her get the utilities on in her name at her new place. I had to leave to go speak at a meeting and Chelsey was going to unpack her stuff. At 9:10pm she called me to see what time I would be home and that if she walked the 10 minute walk to my house to finish packing could I take her back to her apartment when I got home. I came home at 9:30 pm to a bad accident at the corner of the intersection where I lived. I just knew something bad was wrong. I went to my place and found that Chelsey never made it there so I went to the accident scene and discovered that it was Chelsey who got hit. She was severely injured and from that day on my life was changed forever. 

As you can see I have turned this very negative situation into something positive. 

I have built a park in memory of Chelsey. My church donated land in the back area for her park to be built. I did this because Chelsey loved the kids at the church and loved all kids. They call the park Chelsey park. I had a fundraiser and raised funds and started little by little building this park with alot of good friends who donated time to build stuff for me in the park. There are still a few things it needs and hopefully I can raise more money to finish the project. The other thing I am doing is talking and sharing her story about talking and texting on phone while driving. I hope to continue to speak but will need donations to travel around and do so. 

If you are reading this story and want to do anything in memory of Chelsey, the one thing I would be grateful for, is for  everyone to remember, the life that was taken too soon, was preventable. Please put down your cell phones while driving. No text or call is worth a life. 
Thank you for taking the time to read Chelseys story and please pass this message around by sending it to anyone in your contact that may want to read this. Getting the word out starts with you help. Please help me spread this message. 



Kristin Murphy- Chelseys mom
Chelsey Murphy 1