Heather L Hurd's 8th Year Angelversary

03 January 2016
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Heather's Highway

 To learn more about Heather and her families work towards ending distracted driving please visit The 8th Annual Heather L. Hurd 5K Walk and Run

Rest In Paradise Heather  You are missed every minute of every day.  

Heather L. Hurd was only 26 when on her way to meet the wedding planner with her fiancé, she was killed by a distracted driver. Her parents were in town to meet her there. That wedding they were planning quickly turned into a funeral, delivering a lifetime of heartbreak and what should have beens. Nothing is ever the same...Nothing!
Please take the pledge today, in Heather's Honor, to Not Drive Distracted. Nothing is worth a life! Just ask her family and friends. Can you think of anything worth taking YOUR life for? Just Drive Stay Alive
8 years ago on January 3rd the Hurds got the call no one ever wants to get. Read what her father says on the eve of her 8 year Angelversary.

"8 years ago tomorrow we were chosen for leading roles in a horror movie. They were roles that we did not seek but were randomly picked to play in by a mean spirited director who has forced us to watch in slow motion, frame by frame of this nightmarish movie every day since.

We watch ourselves sitting outside a wedding planner, shivering and searching for a patch of sunlight and a smiling face walking towards us in the distance. We continually check and ask each other for the... time as the minutes agonizingly tick by and dread begins to build.

With perfect clarity we can see the hotel phones message light lit brightly red and the voice telling us of a crash.

Without direction we desperately seek information, driving for a eternity with a increasing knowledge that our roles and our lives will soon be changed.

We are told the horrible news by phone. The images outside blur, while visuals of a son with face buried in his hands are burned forever in the celluloid and our brains.

The hours and the next few days of shattered hearts, incessant phone calls, billions of tears, and wondering how a family can survive are all part of the script that we blindly played out.........

This is what happened to us. It was hard but not as hard as for our wonderful Heather. She lost her life in this horror film that sadly was and is a reality for all of us.

I write these words 8 years later in as much pain, with as much sorrow as we felt 8 years ago. I do not write these words to keep the pain alive for the pain lives on no matter what we do in life. Reliving does not add to or diminish the agony. I write these words for you to realize what can easily happen in your own lives. The roles you are about to play can change in a instant for any number of reasons. Someone driving distracted robbed our wonderful daughter of life. Someone stole the potential she had and the love she could share. Someone driving distracted cast new roles for a family who desperately miss the sparkle in a eye, the brilliance of a smile and the magic in a giggle.  Don't let distracted driving cast you in a new role.





To learn more about Heather and the work her family does to end distracted driving visit their Facebook page, Heather's Highway

Remember, distracted driving kills, its as simple as that!